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Radiation Detection

Radiation Detection Device Calibration & Repair Services

OSI has performed tens of thousands of instrument calibrations.  OSI has the capacity to calibrate in-house or on-site to meet the needs of our clients.  A highlight of our services include:

  • 2-Day turnaround for calibration and minor repair of most dose rate, count rate, integrating devices and dosimeters received at our facility.
  • Competitive pricing for all Calibration services.
  • Onsite calibration at customers facility.
  • Installation, maintenance and testing of radiation detection and monitoring devices.
  • Sale and maintenance of radiation detection instruments.
  • Consulting services for selection of proper instrumentation.
  • Sample analysis for gross alpha/beta/gamma, liquid scintillation and gamma spectroscopy.
  • Leak testing sealed sources and irradiators.
  • Unknown isotope identification and quantification.

Certifications and Qualifications

  • Licensed by California Department of Health Services (License Num. 5149-37)
  • Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Health Physics or Certification by the American Board of Health Physics
  • Authorized representative for installation, repair and testing of Thermo Fisher radiation monitoring systems
  • NIST-traceable sources

Standards Used

  • ANSI/NCSL Z540-1994 Calibration Laboratories and Measuring and Test Equipment— General Requirements
  • ANSI N323a -1997, Radiation Protection Instrumentation Test and Calibration of Portable Survey Meters.
  • ISO/IEC 17025 General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories
  • ASTM D7282-06, Standard Practice for Set-up, Calibration and Quality Control of Instruments Used for Radioactivity Measurements.