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Radiation Monitoring Systems

This is just a handful of the radiation contamination monitoring systems available from Occupational Services, Inc.  We are a full-service Thermo Scientific distributor and are authorized to sell all Thermo instruments.  Call us for a competitive quote and don't forget to ask about our calibration and repair service!

MDS Mobile Detection Systems

The Mobile Detection System is used as mobile radiation reconnaissance system for ground or air based operation.

LFM-3 Radiation Detection System

The LFM-3 Radiation Detection System is ideal for monitoring inbound or outbound packages and incoming or outgoing vehicles for radiation.

RIIDEye Handheld Radiation Isotope Identifier

The Thermo Scientific RIIDEye series is an isotopic identifier that provides real time gamma source identification.

ASM-IV Series Automatic Scrap Monitoring

The ASM-IV detects radioactive scrap in a vehicle moving past radiation detectors.

RadEye™ GR Grapple Monitoring System

Minimize the threat of radioactive material in the scrap metal stream with a wireless radiation detection system designed for grapple installation.