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On-Site Office Assessments

We can provide on-site assessments of office workstations.  Assessments include both an evaluation of the physical equipment and the interaction of the person with the equipment.  A report is generated detailing the findings and the recommended changes.

Ergonomic Training

We can provide on-site ergonomics training for various occupational settings.  OSI’s trainings are custom prepared to provide a specific breadth of knowledge based on the target audience.

Industrial Ergonomic Assessments

The goal of any ergonomic evaluation is to improve productivity, quality of work, safety and worker comfort by making practical improvements in the workplace.  Evaluations assist with identification of improvements that will provide maximum improvement given resource constraints.  A Return On Investment (ROI) can provide justification for ergonomic changes. Improved performance at work can result in increased worker satisfaction and higher production for your company.

  • Office ergonomic assessments
  • Laboratory assessments
  • Manufacturing assessments
  • Tool and interface design and selection
  • Product and site design

Assessment recommendations are prioritized to help you focus resources where they will provide the most benefit.  Short term corrections are typically included along with long term changes that might require more significant time to implement. We can also help with implementation of corrective actions.

Ergonomic Design Review

Review of workspace designs in the planning stage can help identify ergonomic concerns and provide cost effective solutions.  Early detection of potential problems provides additional choices for corrective actions that are unavailable post-construction.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Why is an ergonomic assessment important?  
A:  A comprehensive ergonomic assessment benefits the worker by improving efficiencies and comfort at a reasonable cost. An effective ergonomics program can also help reduce Workers’ Compensation premiums. 

Q:  What is the standard lead time to schedule an assessment?
A:  An ergonomic assessment can typically be scheduled within one week of requests.