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Biosafety Cabinet Certifications

NSF-Certified BSC Testing, Certification and Repair

OSI provides testing, certification and repair of biological safety cabinets (BSC) to pharmaceutical, R&D, biotech and healthcare industries throughout Southern California.  Our skilled and NSF-accredited technicians are authorized to perform warranty repairs for all major equipment manufacturers.  All testing is performed in accordance the manufacturer's specifications, Cal/OSHA, and NSF-49.  Our benefits include:

  • Competitive pricing and value added benefits.
  • Quick response service to all your queries.
  • Data is stored and processed on-site in SQL Server databases.
  • Annual service reminders to maintain compliance.

Laminar Flow Hood Testing and Certification

The term “laminar flow” (unidirectional flow) as it applies to hoods or clean air equipment can mean many things.  “Laminar flow” typically means air flowing in one direction.  We can provide testing and certicication on these types of devices:

  • Laminar flow hoods
  • Class one units
  • Cage racks
  • Dump stations
  • HEPA filtered housing units

Fumehood and Ventilation Testing and Certification

  • Airflow smoke testing
  • Installation and calibration of airflow monitors
  • Industrial Ventilation
  • Paint Booths
  • Snorkels

Decontamination Services

OSI has broad experience in performing biological, chemical and radiological device decontaminations of:

  • Biosafety cabinets
  • Fume hoods
  • Incubators
  • Vivariums
  • Formaldehyde gassing
  • Disinfectant spraying
  • Sterilant fogging
  • Lab spaces,
  • hazmat storage units
  • HEPA filtered units
  • Walk in cold rooms
  • Lab equipment (fridges, shakers, centrifuges, etc..)

Cleanroom Testing and Certification

Cleanrooms testing to ISO and USP 797 for manufacturing, pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

  • Airflow readings
  • Room air exchange rates
  • Pressure differentials
  • HEPA filter integrity testing
  • Temperature and relative humidity testing
  • Non-viable particle counting
  • Viable particle counting