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OSI is Expanding to South San Francisco

July 25, 2017

Occupational Services, Inc. (OSI) can provide chemical, biological, radiological and safety services to facilities in South San Francisco.  We work closely with Fire and Building Departments, Toxic Substances Control Department and the Department of Health Services, Radiologic Control Branch.  We can provide:

  • EH&S Program Development and Management
  • Regulatory Permit Management
  • Facility and Equipment EH&S Audits
  • Accident and Incident Investigations
  • Chemical Inventory Management
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Radiation Programs (x-ray, accelerators and radioactive materials)
  • EH&S Trainings
  • Project Management
  • SDS Review and Drafting or Conversions from MSDSs
  • Ergonomics

Additionally, we are ISO 17025 accredited to certify the performance of biological safety cabinets, laminar flow devices and clean rooms. Our accreditation also covers the calibration of radiation detection instruments.

We recently hired an experienced full-time Certified Safety Professional to run our San Francisco office. Our San Francisco staff is able to provide health and safety services and our complete network of services.

Clients in South San Francisco will be able to outsource safety programs to OSI.  OSI has provided this outsourcing service to hundreds of biotechnology companies in San Diego for over twenty-three years.