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About OSI


Founded in 1988, Occupational Services, Inc. (OSI) specializes in radiation, chemical and biological safety for research laboratories, medical facilities, and manufacturing companies.  OSI is staffed with professionals who have training and experience in Industrial Hygiene (chemical safety), Health Physics (radiation safety), Biological Safety and Safety Engineering.

The OSI Advantage

OSI has years of experience managing safety programs for our clients. OSI helps clients lower costs, have successful regulatory inspections, and decrease occupational injuries and illnesses.

Staffing for Environmental Health & Safety

OSI can place an EH&S Coordinator on site to implement your EH&S program.  Benefits include:

  • Professionals with extensive hands-on experience.
  • Supervision of projects by OSI's senior certified professionals.
  • State of the art training programs.
  • Increased productivity by allowing scientific staff to focus on research and development.

OSHA Workplace Safety Programs

Our company has a broad experience providing safety training courses in various industries, including life sciences, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, as well as military, government and healthcare entities.  Our training curriculum can be designed to meet your organization's specific needs.  Our trainings include:

  • Injury & Illness Prevention Plans
  • Biological Safety
  • Chemical Hygiene
  • Radiation Safety

Regulatory Compliance

Our extensive knowledge in the areas of regulatory compliance and permitting and licensing processes have allowed us to ease the burden for our clients and ensure a cost effective management of their project.  Some of our services include:

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) / Mold Investigations

Our team of experts can provide Indoor Air Quality and Mold Investigations analysis.

  • Testing, sampling and monitoring of commercial buildings.

Radiation Detection

Radiation Detection Device Calibration & Repair Services including:

  • 2-Day turnaround for calibration and minor repair of most dose rate, count rate, integrating devices and dosimeters received at our facility.
  • Onsite calibration at customers facility.
  • Installation, maintenance and testing of radiation detection and monitoring devices.
  • Sale and maintenance of radiation detection instruments.
  • Consulting services for selection of proper instrumentation.
  • Sample analysis for gross alpha/beta/gamma, liquid scintillation and gamma spectroscopy.
  • Leak testing sealed sources and irradiators.
  • Unknown isotope identification and quantification.

Vehicle and Waste Radiation Monitoring Systems services include upgrading existing radiation detection equipment to designing a plan and implementing new detection systems from the ground up including:

We provide a broad range of in-house as well as on-site calibration of radiation detection instruments and performance testing services which include:

Ventilation Enclosure Certifications and Repairs

Information Systems

OSI maintains a detailed database of services performed and provides critical information necessary to stay in compliance.

  • Validated tickler files to remind you when required activities are due
  • Written plans and reports prepared according to ISO standards and recommended style manuals
  • Detailed modern databases for Chemical Inventory Classifications and Material Safety Data Sheets