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OSI’s List of Services Is Expanding

November 14, 2017

Twenty-six experienced environmental, health and safety professionals work full time in our San Diego and San Francisco offices to provide the following services to organizations throughout California and other states:

  • Outsourcing Health & Safety Programs
  • Industrial Hygiene & Indoor Air Quality
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Lab Decommissioning Reports, and Facility Exit Surveys
  • Chemical Classification Reports
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Biological Safety Cabinet Certifications and Repairs
  • Fume Hood, Ventilation Device, and Cleanroom Testing
  • Pharmaceutical Testing to 14644 & USP 797/800
  • Decontaminations: BSCs, Vivariums and Chem Labs
  • Radioactive Materials Licensing, Programs & Training
  • Sealed Source Leak Testing (Radiation Sources)
  • Calibration of Radiation Detection Instruments
  • Calibration of Fixed Radiation Area Monitors
  • Industrial X-ray Safety, Training and Surveys
  • Medical X-ray Performance Testing
  • X-Ray Shielding Evaluations

These services can also be packaged into complete sets at discounted pricing:

  • Permitting (HMBP, Sewer, EPA ID, Chemical Classification Reports)
  • Training (Chemical Hygiene, BBP, IIPP)
  • Radiation (Rad license, Program, Training)
  • Lab Decommissioning (Permit Cancellations, Hood and Lab Decons, Exit Surveys)

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