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OSI Completes Year-Long Client Decommissioning Project

April 29, 2016

OSI successfully completed a year-long MARSSIM final decommissioning of a Radioimunoassay (RIA) production facility. The process began with a detailed decommissioning plan reviewed by the client’s senior management and OSI. Guidance from NUREG 1505 “A Nonparametric Statistical Methodology for the Design and Analysis of Final Status Decommissioning Surveys” was essential in determining sample numbers, locations, starting points and statistical methods to evaluate collected data. The process included the excavation of wastewater pipes and analysis of soil using a portable multichannel analyzer. Use of the RESRAD-BUILD software code helped us calculate doses to future building occupants.

Our client sent a thank you note, extending appreciation for our assistance with the termination of their license: “Corporate Leadership was impressed by the flawless prep work, clean up, testing and, finally, the submission that resulted in not a single retest or concern by the CDPH-Radiological Division.  We relied on your knowledge and you delivered!  THANK YOU!!”